Wembley Arena Seating Plan

At Wembley Arena the stage position changes to suit each event. If the show includes standing room, blocks A, B and C are often taken out and seating blocks S and N 1-3 are also removed occasionally.

The central arena is usually home to four blocks of seats facing the stage and as a general rule, when the stage is high seats four rows back tend to provide the best experience. Blocks C and D each sit on a step with two rows per step, which means if someone taller sits in front of you, you might lose you view. Behind row E there’s a steep slope with clear, distant views wherever the rails don’t impede sightlines, mostly from the first four rows.

The corner seats at the back are often surprisingly good value and row E is particularly good for central arena staged events, where every block feels nice and close to the on-stage action.

There are grand tiers along both sides of the arena spanning rows A to H, where many seats enjoy amazing views and the tiers means your views are rarely obstructed by taller people.

Avoid the seats at the far side of the entrance door walls, with such terrible visibility they are rarely put on sale.